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PMP Regulations

Register as a New User

Please remember that only authorized account holders can access the NM PMP.

PMP Authorized Users include:

  1. Practitioner licensed in New Mexico, including Resident doctors
  2. Registered Pharmacist in New Mexico
  3. Delegate of the above
  4. Law Enforcement, Regulatory Board agent, Compliance agent vetted by the PMP to warrant access

Sharing login information is a violation of both federal and state regulations.

How to Register

Registering for the PMP takes around 20-30 minutes to complete.  Follow these four steps.

  1. Create an account at https://newmexico.pmpaware.net/login.
  • If you are a healthcare practitioner, you must have a New Mexico Controlled Substance Registration and a Federal DEA License prior to registering for the PMP.  Without these licenses, a PMP account will not be granted.
  1. Verify your email by clicking on the link in the auto-generated email you received when you created an account.  The link is only good for 20 minutes. If the link expires, you can continue to use the same email to have a new verification email resent to you.
  2. Upload a JPEG or PDF of your driver’s license, state issued photo ID, or a passport into PMP AWARxE.  NO other forms of identification will be accepted (for example work badges – even if government issued, or Social Security Cards).
  3. Complete the required training.

Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to process your registration.  Upon completion, you will be notified of your account approval or rejection.

Incomplete registrations are deleted after 2 weeks.

Problems Registering with PMP AWARxE?

I did not get a verification email.  What should I do?

The verification email is automatically sent as soon as you submit your registration for a PMP AWARxE account.  Make sure you search your entire email for, no-reply@newmexico.PMPAWARE.net, including spam and junk folders.  Your email server or IT department may be blocking these emails.  Once you have confirmed that it is not being blocked, if you continue to have issues please e-mail nm.pmp@rld.nm.gov.

How long does it take for the verification e-mail to be delivered?

Depending on your e-mail security, it may take 20 minutes or longer for the e-mail to be delivered. If after 20 minutes the email has not been received and you searched in Junk/Spam, please submit a ticket to Bamboo Health Support and cc nm.pmp@rld.nm.gov to keep us in the loop.

How can I verify the verification email if the link expired?

Click the verification link in the email. The new webpage will ask you if you want a new verification email.

I cannot upload my driver’s license into PMP AWARxE. Can I send it somewhere else?

Please upload as a JPEG or PDF. If you are unable to do so, you may email a picture of your driver’s license to nm.pmp@rld.nm.gov.

Still having Problems Registering?

Contact Bamboo Health Customer First Center at 1-844-366-4767.

How to Request PMP Patient Reports

Click here for a basic overview on how to request a PMP patient report.

Need Help with Your Account?

Please check our Help Page for a list of common account related issues, most of them supported 24/7/365 by Bamboo Health at 1-844-366-4767.