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PMP Regulations

Delegates and Supervisors

Delegates and Supervisors

Sharing PMP login information is a violation of both federal and state regulations.  Therefore, certain providers are allowed to use delegates to pull PMP patient reports on their behalf.

Physicians and Pharmacists (“supervising physician”) may designate up to four people (“delegates”) who can pull PMP patient reports on their behalf.  When a delegate pulls a PMP patient report for a supervising physician, that supervising physician will receive credit for checking the PMP for that patient.

A delegate can have no more than seven supervising physicians.  If a delegate has more than one supervising physician, they must select the correct supervising physician when pulling a PMP patient report.  If not, the correct supervising physician will not receive credit and may appear not to be utilizing the PMP as required by their licensing board.

In order for a delegate to pull PMP patient reports, the delegate must register as a new user (please refer to “New User Registration and Information” and select one of the following roles: Physician Delegate – Unlicensed, Physician Delegate – Licensed, Pharmacist’s Delegate – Licensed.  The delegate must enter at least one of the supervising physician’s email (email used by the supervising physician to access the PMP).  Once the delegate completes all four registration steps, the registration can be processed by the NMBOP PMP staff and the supervising physician can then approve.

The supervising physician is ultimately responsible to maintain and update their delegate list. 

How Delegates Register for PMP AWARxE

Registering as a delegate is virtually identical to registering as any of the other roles. The user would select one of the delegate roles (i.e. Prescriber Delegate – Unlicensed, Prescriber Delegate – Licensed, or Pharmacist Delegate – Licensed) and enter any required information on the demographics screen.

The final section of the demographics screen requires the delegate to enter their supervisor’s email address. The supervisor must already have a registered account with PMP AWARXE. Delegates may enter more than one supervisor. When adding a supervisor, a delegate will want to ensure that they enter the supervisor’s email address correctly and that they are using a valid email address.

How Delegates Add/Remove Supervisors after Registering

A delegate may add and remove a supervisor at any time. Once logged in, a delegate should click on their name in the upper-right corner, then click My Profile.

Delegate users may add additional supervisors to their accounts at the bottom of the screen. The delegate must enter their supervisor’s email address and click add. If the delegate needs to remove a supervisor, click the “x” button next to the supervisor. Click “Save Changes.” A confirmation message will be displayed.

*Please note that a delegate must have at least one supervisor.

How Supervisors Manage Delegates within PMP AWARxE

A supervisor can quickly change a delegate’s status from the dashboard by clicking the delegate’s name. They will be taken to the Delegate Management screen where they can approve, reject, or remove a delegate from their profile.

For supervisors, delegates associated with the user’s account are displayed in a table found at Menu > User Profile > Delegate Management. From this location, the supervisor can approve or reject new delegates, or remove existing delegates from their account.

  1. When a user registers as a delegate for a supervisor, the supervisor receives an email alerting them that a delegate account is pending their approval.
  2. The supervisor logs into PMP AWARXE and navigates to Menu > User Profile > Delegate Management.
  3. From the Delegate management screen, the supervisor can see all delegates associated with their account. New delegate(s) are identified with the pending symbol in the Delegate Status column.
  4. The user selects the delegate to view their information in the detail card at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To approve or reject the delegate, the supervisor must click the appropriate button above the delegate’s information. The delegate’s status will be removed if rejected.

How Supervisors Remove Delegates

  1. If a supervisor decides to remove a delegate from their account, the supervisor navigates to Menu > User Profile > Delegate Management.
  2. The supervisor selects the delegate from the list displayed.
  3. The supervisor clicks the “Remove” button in the detail card at the bottom of the screen.
  4. The delegate will be placed back in pending status. The delegate is not removed from the supervisors list.

a. If a supervisor wants to add the user again at a later date, the supervisor can locate the former delegate in their list and select approve to add the delegate to their account again.

b. If a supervisor wants to completely remove the delegate from their account, the supervisor can select the former delegate and click the “Reject” button. This will remove them from the supervisor’s account.

Please remember that only authorized account holders can access the NM PMP. Sharing login information is a violation of both federal and state regulations.

How to Request PMP Patient Reports

Click the link below for a basic overview on how to request a PMP patient report.

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