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Delegates and Supervisors – old

Supervisors approve delegates one of two ways

Once a delegate’s registration is submitted, the supervisor will log into their account

  1. From the Dashboard, the delegate’s name will display on the bottom of the screen
    1. Click on the name
    2. The next page will show a chart with the delegate’s name
    3. Click either the Reject or Approve
  1. From the Dashboard, click User Profile on the top toolbar
    1. Click Delegate Management
    2. The delegate’s name will display
    3. Click either the Reject or Approve

*Delegates are unable to run reports until both the NM BOP PMP staff and the supervisor approves

How to Request PMP Patient Reports

Patient Rx Request Tutorial provides a basic overview on how to request a PMP patient report.

Patient Rx Request Tutorial

PDF (Need document)

Sharing PMP login information is a violation of both federal and state regulations.

Therefore, certain providers are allowed to use delegates to pull PMP patient reports on their behalf.

Physicians and Pharmacists (“supervising physician”) may designate up to four people (“delegates”) who can pull PMP patient reports on their behalf. When a delegate pulls a PMP patient report for a supervising physician, that supervising physician will receive credit for checking the PMP for that

A delegate can have no more than ten supervising physicians.  If a delegate has more than one supervising physician, they must select the correct supervising physician when pulling a PMP patient report. If not, the correct supervising physician will not receive credit and may appear on an

In order for a delegate to pull PMP patient reports, the delegate must register as a new user (please refer to “New User Registration and Information) and select one of the following roles: Physician Delegate – Unlicensed, Physician Delegate – Licensed, Pharmacist’s Delegate – Licensed. The delegate must enter at least one of the supervising physician’s email (email used by the supervising physician to access the PMP). Once the delegate completes all four registration steps, the supervising physician

The supervising physician is ultimately responsible to maintain and update their delegate list.  Please contact the NM BOP PMP if a delegate account needs to be deactivated.