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PMP Regulations

Dispenser Registration and Information

All dispensing practitioners (other than veterinarians for non-human patients), clinics, urgent care or emergency departments

providing controlled substances in quantities greater than 12 dosage units or a 72 hour supply (whichever is less) of a Schedule II-V controlled substance to an individual patient in the state of New Mexico must submit the information in accordance with current transmission methods and frequency established by the New Mexico State Board of Pharmacy.  Additionally, if you do routinely dispense, but do not do so during a specific reporting period, a “zero report” must be submitted. The NM PMP Data Submission Dispenser Guide contains information regarding this process.

Pharmacies must report all controlled substance prescriptions dispensed, and zero reports as below.  If you maintain only a NM Pharmacy license and not a controlled substance registration, then you cannot dispense controlled substances in or into NM and PMP reporting does not apply

Reporting:  The NM BOP requires that dispensed controlled substance prescription information be reported within 1 business day of the prescription being filled.  If a pharmacy fills no prescriptions in a business day, “zero reporting” must be reported within 1 business day.  The Board of Pharmacy engages in compliance monitoring, and uncorrected or delinquent reporting may result in action by the Board against the licensee.

To register as a dispenser, go to https://pmpclearinghouse.net and click the Create New Account link.  If you are requesting to access the NM PMP database in order to request PMP patient reports, please refer to “New User Registration and Information”.

Information of the submission of prescription data to the PMP is available in the NM PMP Data Submission Dispenser Guide.

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