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PMP Regulations

Interstate Data Sharing

New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)

Dentistry (Dentists, Dental Hygienists, ets.)

Management of pain with controlled substances

16.5.57 NMAC

Medicine and Surgery Practitioners

Management of pain with controlled substances

16.10.14 NMAC


Certified Nurse Midwives

16.11.2 NMAC

Nursing and Health Care Related Providers

Management of chronic pain with controlled substances

16.12.9 NMAC

Optometric Practitioners

Management of pain with controlled substances

16.16.15 NMAC

Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Practitioners

Prescribing and distribution of controlled substances

16.17.5 NMAC



16.19.4 NMAC

Controlled substances

16.19.20 NMAC

Controlled substance prescription monitoring program

16.19.29 NMAC


Management of pain with controlled substances

16.21.9 NMAC

Regulatory Resources

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

DEA Website

DEA# Registration

DEA Website

New Mexico Regulatory Boards

Medical Board

Board of Nursing

Board of Dental Health Care

Osteopathic Examiners Board

Board of Optometry

Nurse Practitioner Council

Board of Veterinary Medicine

Board of Psychologist Examiners

NM PMP users can now search selected PMPs in other states.

Here are some important things to know about “interstate” sharing:

  • You will need to enter a patient’s full first name, full last name, and date of From here, you can select each state that you are requesting an interstate PMP patient request. Adding additional information will limit your results and/or may cause your request to be delayed for
  • Not all states share PMP Either by legal, financial or technological restrictions, not all states share PMP data outside of their state boundaries.
  • States differ widely on what type of Health Care Professionals from other states they will allow to access PMP This is related to your Job/Role in the PMP. While Physicians (MD, DO) are almost always allowed, access by Pharmacists, other types of Practitioners and Delegates varies
  • Law Enforcement, Regulatory Boards, do not currently have interstate data sharing access.

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